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Copper, Fiber Optic and Wireless Installations
braodband connections Willis Consulting is an authorized solutions provider and sales agent of Broadband Internet Access connections such as Cable, DSL, Wireless and Private Ethernet. This means we can fit your company with the right technology and the right supplier.

Because we represents all of the top telecom suppliers such as Comcast, EarthLink, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T we provide an unbiased design of the best connection type and supplier for your company. Contact us today and save!
  Fiber Ethernet Lines (ST, FC, SC)
When traveling distances over 100 meters, you need to use fiber optic cabling. Fiber optics require special router modules and adapters and an experience technician to terminate the fiber cable. Willis Consulting can help design your data and telecom wiring, help you select the right routing and bridging equipment and provided the expertise installation.

Copper Ethernet Lines (Cat-5 and Cat-6)
Ethernet lines are at the heart of your network and this is the first layer of your network model that must be reliable. Installation is not only tested, but documented so that you have a clear picture of how your network is connected.

Cable & TV Lines
It is essential that your cable and TV lines are run properly and terminated with quality connectors or your digital signal can become intermittent or disconnect.

Phone Lines
Phone lines and punch panels can quickly become complicated and un-reliable unless they are installed correctly. Let our experience technicians do the job right so that your lines work today and tomorrow.

Wireless Connections
More and more company employees are going mobile. Wireless access points with roaming capability allows the same secure connection at a desk or in the board room. When customers and other visitors need Internet access, keep them separated from your private network while providing Internet access with a separate Visitor Wireless SSID broadcast.

Quality Testing
All installations are tested for current and further applications and certified to meet quality standards and building safety codes. Plenum rated cable has a jacket that meets specific ANSI requirements to be flame retardant and have low smoke production.

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Tech Notes
bullet  Industrial wiring must meet code for both fire and electrical safety.

bullet  Wiring issues are the most difficult technical issue to recognize and troubleshoot.

bullet  Improperly installed Ethernet cabling can cause intermittent connection issues.

bullet  Do you have a wireless connection for your visitors that is isolated from your company's network? A visitor connecting directly to your network can totally circumvent your security and infect your systems.
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