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braodband connections Virtualization is proving to be the leading change agent in computing today with VMware leading the way and Microsoft Windows Hyper-V close behind.

It provides a lower TCO by allowing many servers and computers to be hosted on one physical machine. In addition, data integrity is increased and required technical operations are minimized. Back-up and restores are as easy as copying one file and the time it takes to create a new virtual machine is often less than 5 minutes!

Beyond the cost savings, the additional capabilities are also substantial. Mobile users can access their office desktops from anywhere around the world. Many IT operations can be performed remotely and server "snap-shots" can be performed in seconds.

Virtualization is affordable for any size company whether you have 5 or 500 employees. Call today for a free consultation on how virtualization can help your business!
Too many services on one Windows server is unstable.
When one physical server attempts to run several services such as domain controller and Exchange the system will often crash or become sluggish. In addition, there are services that cannot run on one physical server. This requires you to purchase additional servers even if performance does not necessitate it.

Additional disk space requires new network mapping.
On a traditional server, the method to add additional disk space is to install a new hard drive and map a new network drive letter. Employees are constantly searching "is it on the g-drive or the h-drive?"

Applications can conflict with Microsoft Services.
You may have a stable network and your servers are running smooth, until Engineering receives an update to their selection program. After installing the update and rebooting (during off hours) the Windows server becomes unstable or even crashes.

Major hardware crashes require tedious restore operations.
Responsible IT departments back up not only their data but also the network system files and Active Directory. Restores after a major hardware failure require you to rebuild the server, restore system files, reinstall all software applications and restore data.

One physical server can host up to 10 virtual machines.
Multiple Window servers can be created on a single host that share resources such as processor, memory and storage. Windows licensing allows up to 5 virtual servers when you purchase one Windows Enterprise Server 2008 open license.

Additional disk space is at your finger tips.
Virtualized servers share all resources and allocated them as necessary. When your file server needs to grow simply allocate more disk space - you users will not even notice!

Applications are installed on a dedicated server.
Each major application is installed on their own virtual server and when updates require a re-boot; no problem! It doesn't affect any other part of your network and can be done during working hours!

Snap-shots, Image Backup and Vmotion.
Before you install an update, simple take a snap-shot (in seconds). If the update proves harmful simply restore back to the point of the snap shot.

Using a program such as Symantec Back-up Exec you can backup the entire server to a hard drive, without taking it off line!

And if you need uptime to be near 100% Vmotion minimizes hardware failure by moving all your virtual servers to a second host!

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Tech Notes
bullet  Hyper-V is a reliable virtualization software but can not compare to VMware when it comes to speed.  VMware can save you money by minimizing the CPU and Memory requirements on the host computer.

bullet  iSCSI is the most efficient technology for shared data storage in a virtualized network. However, too many vendors add this on with a large price tag! There are reliable iSCSI devices that are very reasonably priced - call today!

bullet  Did you know that you can combine virtualized servers with Windows Terminal Server (now called Remote Desktop Services) and virtualizes your entire company?

bullet  Windows Server 2008 has a very convenient service that controls Remote Desktop connections. This simplifies employee remote connections and also provides better security.
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