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braodband connections Internet access is essential for businesses today to conduct everyday tasks such as purchasing, accounting and personnel recruiting. Internet abuse will occur unless it is controlled by a complete Internet filtering software or cloud application.

Willis Consulting has worked with Websense Content Filtering for over 10 years and it has proven to be the most reliable and versatile protection available today.

Make sure your company and employees are protected from abuse and from false accusation of abuse by implementing a seamless solution that interacts with your user active directory already setup in Microsoft network.
Real-time protection against advanced malware
Leverages ACE (Advanced Classification Engine), going beyond antivirus defenses to provide contextual awareness, composite risk scoring, and multi-layered, real-time analysis of web content.

Prevent malware from entering your network and stealing your data
Scans and analyzes social media sites and content in real time to prevent malware and advanced attacks from entering your network and stealing data or damaging your brand. Secure your remote users with or without endpoint software. Includes an optional lightweight, tamper-resistant client that combines strong web security service enforcement with transparent authentication of users connecting to Websense cloud infrastructure.

Empower the social web, but control inappropriate content automatically
Websense social web controls provide the flexibility to allow Facebook access but prohibit posting content or playing games, or allow access to LinkedIn, but prevent job searches.

Easily add new capabilities, like Websense Email Security, when the time is right
Websense Cloud Web Security Gateway and Websense Cloud Email Security are integrated at every level. A single user interface configures both, and both leverage shared management services including user directory synchronization, delegated administration, reporting, account management, and more.

Seamlessly manage multiple sets of credentials for enterprise applications
The Websense Authentication Service provides transparent, clientless authentication to office and roaming users connecting to Websense cloud infrastructure to transparently authenticate users on multiple systems.

Spend less time on web security
Websense Cloud Web Security Gateway reduces business costs and complexity because it is delivered as a service. Everything from processing to hardware to maintenance is managed by Websense. Blocking threats at the gateway gives time back to IT to focus on other projects.

Manage and monitor activity and performance at any time
Websense Cloud Security includes an intuitive, web-based console that integrates all management and reporting capabilities.

Optional Cloud-Assist appliance fordecreased latency, improved control over cloud traffic, and port monitoring
Websense i500 appliance adds flexibility, cloud traffic control, speedier threat analysis, application and protocol controls, and guest network monitoring to your Cloud Web Security Gateway deployment.
success story
Standard Usage Reports
bullet  Highest Activity Levels - users with the highest hits, shopping, entertainment and sports.

bullet  Highest Bandwidth - users having highest bandwidth and online streaming media.

bullet  Most Time Online - users on productive and non-productive sites.

bullet  Highest Security Risks - users and categories with security risks, P2P protocols and top machines with spyware activity.

bullet  Legal Liability - users and sites that pose a high legal liability.
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