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Wesite Development Services  
braodband connections You have seen the commercials, where you can have a business website up and running in less than an hour. This misconception has lead to frustration and disappointment when the entire process is not presented.

At Willis Consulting, we have the experience to know what goes into a good website and has positioned itself to help in those areas where there the talent is normally not on your staff.

Logo design, business writing, photography are key elements to a successful business website. We have the expertise in each of these areas to make it professional and allows the website project to keep on pace.
  Company Logo Design
Surprisingly, many companies do not have an standardize logo and rely on a sketch made by the company’s CAD designer or have relied on the printing company to design and keep it stored. Your logo should be consistently used and standardized for a white background or a dark background.  Our graphics desgners are often call upon to clean up the logo and make the web ready.

Is your logo up to date? You should always keep the essence of your design, but there is nothing wrong with keeping it modern. A classic example is the logo change for Pepsi Cola:

Business Writing
Professional business writing is the number one cause for website development to completely stall. Often this is assigned to someone within the company that already has a full time job or surprisingly does not have the grammar skills and the SEO experience to put on paper exactly what the company is all about.

Our professional writers begin with interview you, your employees and your sales representatives. The text is then put down in a prompt fashion expressing exactly what you need to communicate to your customers. This is the single most important element a successful website; do not leave it to chance.

Video and Photography
Willis Consulting is not a photography company but has associated itself with a commercial multi-media production studio, RDB Imaging. Your company and website will look professional when professional photography and video is included.

Mobile Ready Sites
The mobile revolution is transforming they way we do business.  Over 91% of US adults own a cell phone and 56% own a smart phone.  They are using tese devices to find products, services, phone numbers, and directions.  Make sure your website is mobile ready!

Multilingual Sites
Our multilingual sites are prepared by and reviewed by real people who are fluent in English and the second language. We have been successful in sites requiring Spanish, Chinese and German as a second language.

Nuestros sitios web multilingües son preparados por y revisada por personas reales que se realizan con fluidez en inglés y en el segundo idioma. Hemos tenido éxito en lugares que requieren Español, Chino y Alemán como segundo idioma.

我们的多语种网站的编写和审查的人真正能说流利的英语和第二语言。 我们已成功地在网站需要西班牙语、汉语和德语作为第二语言。

Unsere mehrsprachigen Websites bereit sind durch und überprüft durch echte Menschen, die fließend Englisch und der zweiten Sprache. Wir haben bereits erfolgreich in anderen Seiten, Spanisch, Chinesisch und Deutsch als Zweitsprache.
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Tech Notes
bullet  E-commerce sales will grow from $225 billion to over $400 billion by 2017

bullet  Mobile commerce sales via Smartphones and table have increased by over 80% each year since 2011.

bullet  Smart phones are looking at your site with an average width of 4 inches while tablets have an average width of 7 inches. With this in mind, what do you think your site looks like?

bullet  Spanish is spoken by over 40 million people in the US and is the official language of the US Territory, Puerto Rico.
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