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Website Hosting Services  
braodband connections Websites need a name and a home to be found on the Internet. Let our experience help your business become visible to the world.

Willis Consulting is without peer when it comes to providing the entire spectrum of services from hosting and SEO to graphics and video to programming and online sales.

Our website project management will keep the entire process organized, on time and on budget. No surprises with last minute changes and unexpected circumstances. Let our experience of 100+ websites give you the right direction the first time.
  Domain Registration
Willis Consulting has a policy not to purchase domain registrations for other companies and customers. Whoever registers the domain owns it, and that should be you. We will assist you in purchasing your domain from a registrar and will supply DNS name services. We will also host email services for your domain.

Website Hosting
We host sites on Microsoft Web Server 2008 or 20012 running IIS 7.5 or higher. Our servers are dedicated to hosting and are redundant in two different parts of the country, one in Florida and one in New York with a 99.98% guaranteed uptime. They provide ASP.NET applications that interface with SQL Database and allow VB.NET and C# programming.

Many of our corporate customers host their own websites and we provided purchasing and configuration servers to get you up and running properly and securely.

Website Auditing
Willis Consulting includes hit counters on every website, but you may need more detailed analytical tools. These analytics can tell you about your customer, the device used to access the sit and how they are navigating the site.

Internal Search engines assist the customer and at the same time give you an indication of key words that should be included in your site .

Search Engine Optimization
There are many factors that go into search engine optimization and they are changing every year. Let our expertise help you get found on the Internet. We design sites with this in mind from the file names to Meta tags; we can increase your traffic without you paying Google a cent.
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Tech Notes
bullet  Don't be held hostage - your company should own the company's domain name.

bullet  Don't let geeks convince you to use Apache to host your website. Microsoft IIS is the only hosting platform that saw significant gains in 2013 and is ranked number one for security.

bullet  Before you purchase unnecessary domain names, ask us how to use header names such as secure.yoursite.com and store.yoursite.com

bullet  The best way to increase your presence on the Internet is by using the correct Meta tags - if you know the rules.
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